Wie schaffe ich es ohne zu zahlen durch die Straßensperren der Zentralafrikanischen Republik?

Gilt auch für die RKongo und die DRKongo!

Reisetipps ? Straßensperren ohne Geld meistern: Ich habe den Text ursprünglich für Freunde auf Englisch verfasst, deshalb ist er nicht deutsch.

Zentralafrikanische Republik - Grenze How to manage all these Roadblocks in the CAR?

I can give you some tips. Please refuse to pay as long as possible, because people following you have a easier job. You have to know, that since 2003 there is peace in the country and since beginning of 2005 the government is not accepting corruption any more. They send them to jail for 3 years up!!!
But they are used to take and take, even from the locals.


  • Ad a big flag of your country of origin to your car! You look more official. Get a letter of recommendation (in French!). We got one from the International Institute of Peace. But you can also create a letter by yourself. We have been the first travelers with their own cars from Europe within 10 years, so why not.
  • Be self confident!Turn up the headlights of your car (how the government does *ggg*)!
  • Sometimes friendly, sometimes rude (You will soon find out)!
  • Show them that you have a lot of time to steal them!
  • Our best trick (only working with the military) was:- Drive as close to the road block as possible. Full breaking!- Don't get out of the car. Fixate them angrily!- They always show up (after 1-3 Min.)!- Look a little nicer, but still serious!- Take the window down to the half (not further!).- With Firmer voice:We are from (AD YOUR COUNTRY and point at the flag), (AD YOUR ORGANIZATION and point at your sticker) and we want to continue!It always worked 100%: They opened the road block. But I was always sweeting...
  • Others: Explain them, that you just need a stamp for entering and leaving the country and that their stamp is illegal! Because when they see, that you have got some stamps, they know, that you pay. Then they will ask a registration-fee.
  • React depending on the situation! E.g. wait in the car and read a book. Usually it works after 10-25 Minutes.
  • They have many Customs in the country. Explain them you will tell your friends in Bangui and so on. But take care: Adrenalin kicks, when they slacken their Kalaschnikow - but this happend to me just once with the Custums. So it's good to have a partner and play the good cop bad cop game. She/he can take you out, when you have gone too far: One gets angry - the other calms down. You will find out soon and get through these roadblocks!